Debate Fall 2017 Accomplishments

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Featured photo: The team finishing the Mile High Swing in Salt Lake City, Utah on January 7, 2018. From left to right: Chris Miles (assistant coach for the tournament), me, Isabel Jeronimo, Marielle Gardner, Maya Szafraniec, and Matthew Swanson (coach)

Fall 2017 has been one of our most successful seasons as a team. My debate partner Isabel Jeronimo and I have come so far in our debate careers. In our second year as a partnership, we have learned what it means to debate together while also exploring arguments we like to use.

During our first tournament of the season, the Golden Gate Opener at San Francisco State University in late September, we made quarterfinals in open parliamentary debate (Pictured below). In my first try at college speech events, I won novice extemporaneous speech in the second half of the speech tournament.


The next tournament was the Biggest Little City Classic at University of Nevada at Reno. We were the second seed and once again made the quarterfinal rounds.

Last month, we competed at the Mile High Swing, which was consisted of two tournaments in one weekend. Both partnerships who went made elimination rounds at both halves of the tournament.


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