Asking for Advice on Academic Twitter

Sometimes when I run into an issue, whether it be with reading, research, or some other issue in my professional life, I call out into the Twitter void and ask for some help. I’ve attached a few tweets where I received tons of helpful replies about the following topics:

  • data analysis in R
  • reading academic papers
  • managing academic life and ADHD

2022 Conference Update

I will be presenting at the SPSP 2022 Annual Convention at two sessions:

  • I will presenting in a professional development session titled “Asian/Pacific Islander/Desi Community in Solidarity for Black Liberation” in conjunction with Dr. Mona Xu (Idaho State University), Dr. Joanne Chung (University of Toronto), and Dr. Sapna Cheryan (University of Washington), and Michelle Lee (NYU).
  • I will also be presenting another posted titled “Who Benefits from Positive “Asian” Stereotypes? Career Evaluations of Asian Americans and Filipino Americans along the Stereotype Content and Axes of Subordination Models.” Learn more about this project on my current research page.

2019 Conference Update

SPSP 2019 – Portland, Oregon 

I presented two projects at SPSP 2019. My 2018 summer research from Northwestern, and my research team project 2017-2019.

WPCUR 2019 / Honors Program Spring Symposium – Saint Mary’s College of California

I presented the culmination of 3 years on the Zarnoth research team at both of these small conferences, and I am hoping to present at others.


2019 Undergraduate Awards Ceremony


This year, I was awarded the 2019 Frederick Whelan Award for an excellent academic record in psychology at Saint Mary’s College of California. In addition, I won the Arthur S. Campbell Award for an excellent scholastic record in the School of Science. I was selected from a hardworking and talented group of students, and I won the award after writing an statement that highlighted my service to the School of Science, my research, and my academic achievements.

As an award winner, I was interviewed for SMC’s coverage of this event. Link to the article here: Students Shine at the 2019 Undergraduate Awards Ceremony


Life as a Resident Advisor


My senior year of college was spent as a Resident Advisor at Saint Mary’s College of California. I was the RA on the second floor of Assumption Hall, the Honors and Science Living Learning Community.

Being an RA was one of the most rewarding experiences of my undergraduate career. I worked with and formed relationships with my residents, my co-RA, and my resident directors. I planned academic and social events. Some of my favorite events I planned were recurring Marvel movie nights and Finding Research Opportunities as a First Year. I solved and handled situations I never thought I would encounter. I lost sleep over my residents’ well being. Work and home blended together in a challenging, but satisfying way. I formed personal relationships and provided academic support, but I couldn’t fix everything. In those cases, I could provide the resources and follow up with students.

This job was hard. It was more difficult than my most challenging classes. But it was also one of the most rewarding and satisfying (non-research) job I had in undergrad.