Current Research

Perceptions of Filipino Americans in Relation to the Asian Americans

2022 Audit Study: I am currently working on a project examining perceived Americanness, status, warmth, competence, and career and professional perceptions of a Filipino American, Japanese American, and Asian American target. 

2021 Replication: In 2021, I replicated my 2020 study and wrote code to include more traits and more norms in the study. In addition to status, valence, and stereotypical Asianness, I also normed the traits on foreignness, warmth, and competence. 

2020 Study: This study was a part of my first year project at Northwestern and it was presented at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology 2021 Annual Virtual Convention. 400 perceivers from Amazon’s Mechanical Turk were randomly assigned to nominate traits to Filipino-Americans, Japanese-Americans, Asian-Americans, and Latinx-Americans. The reason why I chose these groups is that “Asianness” in the US is typically associated with East-Asian groups. I hypothesized that perceptions of Asian-Americans and Japanese-Americans would be similar to one another, and perceptions of Filipino-Americans, a Southeast Asian group, would be distinct.

SPSP 2021 Virtual Convention Poster: